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Enterprise Architecture

Entwined Technologies, Inc.has the Enterprise Architecture Solutions that can assist clients in the design and implementation of mission critical networks and mitigate high performance computing problems when they arise. Our enterprise architecture solutions cover all of the industry leading platforms and include Disaster Recovery/ COOP planning, design and configuration services.

Data Storage Management Solutions

Entwined Technologies, Inc offers database solutions/services; data warehousing; enterprise Storage Area Network (SAN) services; backup/recovery solutions; data replication implementation and others to complement and enhance our Enterprise Architecture offerings.

Network Management

Entwined Technologies, Inc. has industry certified professionals that can design, implement and maintain network infrastructures ranging from single local area networks to multiple global site configurations. Entwined also has extensive experience in deploying Wide Area Network (WAN) technologies that enhances and accelerates data connections between distant facilities.

Software Development

Entwined Technologies, Inc. offers a breadth of experience in delivering custom web based software solutions utilizing both Agile and Waterfall development methodologies. These solutions range from custom SharePoint sites to Federal Government Case Management products using ASP.Net.